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Cell Privacy Laws Have Trouble Keeping Up with Technology

Would you want someone knowing who you are calling and who is calling you on your cell phone? Regardless of how much effort you put into talking in private and deleting all phone logs, it is still very easy to track all cell phone calls. There are numerous websites which allow you to type in a phone number and find out exactly what calls have been made to/from that phone. For people with abusive spouses or stalking victims, this is a serious threat. But it is also a threat for anyone else because of the potential of identity theft.

Lawmakers have taken action to stop cell phone tracking websites by introducing numerous cell phone privacy laws. However, the technology which tracks cell phone use is advancing much faster than the laws prohibiting it. If you head online, you can easily get access to complete records of incoming and outgoing cell phone calls. Then, a reverse cell phone directory can tell you exactly who these calls where to/from.

If you have a smartphone, then it is likely you have the Carrier IQ software in your phone. This software tracks all your cell usage. It was added to help the phone companies improve their services. However, the information from Carrier IQ is easy to hack into. A hacker could then tap into the phone company databases and find out every single thing you did on your phone down to the very keystroke. Inevitably, this could be taken advantage of by the same companies which offer reverse cell phone lookup and people search services.

Representative Markey of Massachusetts introduced the Cellphone Privacy Bill in the start of 2012 to protect cell phone users privacy. The act would require all phone companies to tell customers about the tracking software and the customers would then have to consent to have their data collected. All of the companies which would access the information would have to be registered with the FTC and FCC.

Even if the law does work as planned, it isn’t likely to be completely effective. Even before the Carrier IQ software, web companies found it very easy to get access to your personal cell phone information. You could go to a website, type in a number, and find out what numbers a cell phone called. The web companies which offered this service often wouldn’t even need to hack into the cell phone provider database. Instead, they would just pretend to be the customer and ask for the phone logs. Since it is so easy to find out who the owner of a cell phone is with a reverse number search, getting phone logs isn’t much of a challenge.

The truth of the matter is that your cell phone use isn’t ever going to be completely secure. You should always be cautious when using your cell phone and make sure to check your accounts regularly for unauthorized activity.

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