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How do I Find Out Who is Calling Me for Free?

Almost all of us have caller ID built into our phones now. This service is incredibly useful, like when you want to avoid a nagging parent or telemarketers. But what do you do if you don’t recognize the number on your caller ID: Should you pick it up and risk wasting your minutes or should you ignore it and risk missing an important call? Luckily, there are several ways you can find out who is calling for free.

Set Up Your Voicemail
You can save yourself a lot of hassle when it comes to finding out who called just by setting up your voicemail. Make sure that you actually put a personalized message on your voicemail or many callers might not bother leaving a message. Telemarketers (yes, they will call your cell!) will hardly ever leave a voice message which can help you distinguish them from the many other business-type numbers, such as a helpful reminder from your bank or confirmation from your travel agency. If someone doesn’t leave a message and you still want to find out who is calling, then you can proceed to the next free steps.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites
There isn’t a national cell phone directory but most landlines are still listed in the White Pages. The White Pages has always made a reverse phone directory which you could access for free by going to your local library. Now, it is even easier to do a reverse phone search by going online. Do keep in mind that free reverse phone directories will almost always only have landline numbers. There is no national cellular directory (except for opt-in lists) so companies have to purchase cell phone number lists from various agencies and databases then input this all into their digital systems so they can be reverse searched by number. If the person who called you did so from a landline though, the free reverse number lookup will likely bring back results.

Search Engines
Another way to find out who is calling you for free is to type the number into a search engine, like Google. In some cases, you could get lucky and find out whose number it is if the person listed it on a social networking profile, blog, or career page.

The problem here is that most of the phone directory websites have cheated the search engines by typing in every single possible phone number combination onto their webpages (they use a computerized system to do this). So, all your results will basically be for search directories which will make you pay. However, the free search can give you some clues to who called. For example, you can find out where the number originated and think if you know anyone from that area.

If You are Going to Pay for a Search
If you really want to know who is calling you and don’t get results with the free methods, then you can choose to pay for a reverse phone search. Just make sure to choose a reverse phone search site which offers a free trial or a guarantee for results.

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