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How to Find an Email Address:
The Way People Searches Work

There is currently no public email address directory – but this doesn’t mean that email addresses aren’t being stored in databases which can be easily accessed by nearly anyone. If you want to find an email address, all you need to do is get access to one of these databases. For most people, this means signing up to a people search service and then typing in the information you know about the person. The people search will then do the rest.

What are People Search Engines?
Just like the search engines such as Google or Yahoo, a people search engine uses a complex algorithm to sort through massive amounts of data and bring back results which match your query. The algorithm that people search sites use will factor in aspects which make people unique from one another. Obviously, this aspect will include a person’s name. However, since many people can have the same name, the people search will also have to use other factors.

For example, let’s say you want to do a people search for John Smith. There are thousands of John Smiths in the US alone. Let’s then say that you know John Smith lived in Texas in the 90s and is approximately 30 years old. The people search will then look for all John Smiths which fit this description. Then, it will follow these people. For example, if one John Smith gave the postal service a forwarding address in Utah, it would factor in the Utah information too.

Where do People Searches Get their Info?
People search websites must purchase their information from various sources. Some of their main sources are credit bureaus. They also get their information from insurance companies, product refund lists (most retailers make you fill out a form each time you return a product; this prevents refund scams), and mailing lists. Since the people search sites have to pay for these data lists, it is very difficult to find a free people search which actually gives you good results.

There are some free people search websites but they generally will just use the information which is freely and publicly available – such as Facebook and Twitter profiles. These free people search sites are usually pretty worthless since you could just as easily find the information yourself.

If you want to find an email address for a person and a free people search doesn’t get results, then sign up for a paid service. Many of these will give you a guarantee that they will get you results. Even if the person you are looking for never put his/her email on the web, it is likely that the person shared the email at one point – like for a free prize offer at a store, with a bank, or so forth. If so, then the people search will be able to find an email address for the person you are looking for.


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