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Is Your Spouse Cheating? Reverse Cell Directory and Mobile Apps Help You Find Out!

Today, it is harder than ever to keep your private information from prying eyes and ears. For most people, privacy isn’t too much of an issue though. After all, unless you are a celebrity, it is unlikely that anyone cares who you are calling or what your emails say. The one exception to this is for cheating spouses and partners. If you suspect that your significant other is cheating, all it takes is a few uploads and a reverse phone directory to find out the truth.

There are now plenty of apps for catching cheaters (or keeping an eye on your kids). For example, the app ePhoneTracker can be uploaded onto a phone and will keep track of all SMS messages, internet use, calls, and even will track the phone’s location with GPS! This is just one of the many apps which track cell activity. Of course, there are some limitations to these apps. For example, you will just get the phone number of incoming and outgoing calls. SMS messages can be very vague or coded for discretion. But, if you add a reverse cell phone directory to the app, then you get a very powerful tool for finding out what your spouse is really up to.

Take this scenario for example: your husband suddenly starts spending a lot of time working late at the office. You suspect that he is having an affair with his secretary so you install a cell phone monitoring app and subscribe to a reverse phone directory. After checking the logs, you find out that he has been talking to the secretary a lot. This could just mean that he really is working late. But then you see from the reverse phone directory that he also called restaurants on numerous occasions (presumably to make reservations) when he should have been working. You could then show up at the restaurants where he is with his secretary and catch them in the act.

On the other hand, the reverse phone directory may show you that the calls he made were to a jeweler and the websites he visited were about picking diamonds. Thus, the cell phone monitoring and reverse phone directory could end up ruining a surprise for you – for which he had been working overtime to pay for the costs. If your spouse finds out about your spying, you could put your relationship on shaky grounds.

In the past, if you suspected your spouse was cheating, you had to use instinct or a private detective. Now, spying is incredibly easy. Before you go all out with the spy gear and lookup all calls in a reverse phone directory, be sure that you really want to know the truth and it is worth the consequences of knowing!

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