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Reverse Cell Directories and Parental Cell Monitoring

Even if you can completely trust your kids, you may not be able to trust the people that are calling them. Kids become very vulnerable when on their cell phones. Just take the recent "sexting" trend as an example to what is happening. If your kid's schoolmates aren't the ones sending dirty pictures and messages on the cell, then it could be a sexual predator posing as a student. Considering the treats, it makes sense to use a cell phone monitoring application and a reverse phone directory to keep your kids safe.

There are several applications available which will monitor your children's cell phone calls, messages, and other activities. These apps are usually very simple to run; just upload the app to the phone and it will start sending all the cell activity to an email account of your choice. Some of the cell phone monitoring apps instead upload the information to a special website where each member has an account.

Some of the most popular cell phone monitoring software includes:
Phone Sheriff: This is one of the most advanced cell phone monitoring systems. It lets you monitor everything that your children do on their cell phones, set up time restrictions, block certain numbers, and block access to certain websites. It also records GPS locations. The price is about $50/year.
Mobile Spy: This app lets you record every single SMS, view all pics and videos taken by the phone, and view call information. It also logs GPS positions. The most advanced version of Mobile Spy will cost you about $130/year.
Text Guard: This app was designed for monitoring employees but it can be used for monitoring kid's text messages too. It will record all SMS messages sent and received from a phone.
My Mobile Watchdog: With this parental control app for cell phones, you can monitor all SMS messages, control applications on the phone, block website access, and limit the time that the phone can be used. It costs about $10/mo per phone.

These applications are very helpful for making sure that your kids are using their cell phone responsibly. However, they aren't going to be very helpful on their own if someone else is taking advantage of your kids. That is why these apps must be used in conjunction with a reverse cell phone directory. A reverse cell phone directory has information which your standard reverse White Pages does not. Many of the reverse cell lookups even give you background checks, employment histories, and social media profiles.

If you find suspicious activity on your child's phone, then you can use the reverse cell lookup to find out where it came from. Children's cell phones are often targeted by scammers and sometimes even sexual predators looking for child porn. If the suspicious activity was from a classmate, then the reverse cell lookup will tell you this so you can inform the parents. If the activity was from a convicted felon or other threat, then you can make sure to inform the authorities before other children are targeted.

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