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Why Free Reverse Phone Number Searches Suck

If you look for a free reverse phone search or a free cell phone book, you are going to end up very frustrated. A lot of them promise to be free, will take you through the basics of a search, and then tease you with a bit of information before asking you to pay for the rest. Unfortunately, you won’t get a reverse cell lookup for free – or at least one with accurate information. Here is why they all cost money and how to pick the ones which are worth the cost.

Cell Phone Lists Cost Money!

There are a few free reverse cell phone directory sites on the web. Even if you did manage to find them, it isn’t worth the search time because they are so inaccurate. Unlike the White Pages (which is just for landlines), reverse cell phone directories do not get their information from the phone companies. Cell phone privacy laws prohibit the companies from disclosing this information. Instead, they find cell phone numbers from a wide variety of other sources – like buying lists from credit bureaus, insurance companies, and mailing lists. It is very difficult to avoid getting on these lists and eventually making your way to a reverse cell phone directory (note: privacy laws prohibit websites from offering searches for cell phone number by name; only reverse cell phone number searches are allowed).

Since the reverse cell phone lookup services must pay for their information, it isn’t likely that they are going to give it to you for free! The free reverse phone number sites generally make money by having ads on their sites, so they don’t care if their information is outdated or inaccurate.

Which Reverse Phone Directory is Worth the Price?

If you really want to find out who called you, then yu will likely have to pay for a subscription to a reverse cell phone directory (they also have landline numbers). But how do you know which reverse phone directory is worth your money? Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Free Trial: If a reverse phone directory offers a free trial period, then you can bet it will give you good, accurate results. These directories know that they have quality information and are willing to give you the sneak peek because they are sure you will pay for it once you see what they have to offer.
  • Guarantees: A few reverse cell directories have guarantees. You will have to pay for the service first but are offered a guarantee that you will get results. Do keep in mind that some don’t guarantee accurate results, so read the fine print carefully!
  • Subscription period: If a reverse cell directory site makes you pay for the subscription yearly (even if they advertise the price by monthly), it probably isn’t worth your money. They have to charge you yearly because they know you aren’t going to renew a monthly subscription once you see how poor results it brings back.

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